Dealing with your past wounds and limitations; be it skin, body, societal expectations, and  learning to find the gift in these places, allows you to live authentically and in the present.  Forgiven.  Fearless.  Fabulous!


I’m a Muslim American ‘80s kid that grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the end of middle school I had the rare opportunity to spend a couple of years abroad. When I came back for college, my family remained overseas and I found myself facing similar challenges to that of international students; financially struggling, lonely with a sense of displacement and an overwhelming sense of responsibility that I had to succeed.


I grew up listening to my father telling the story of my namesake, Sohaira bint Jafar.  A woman who had traveled by foot in the heat of the Arabian desert for the sake of seeking knowledge. When he told her story I heard his admiration, his hopes. This woman stood grounded in faith, strength, intelligence and ambition. I tried to live up to her in my own way by graduating with a degree in both Architecture and Anthropology.

Despite being this namesake, all I’d really ever wanted was to raise a family.

The thing was my fate wasn’t written out in block letters.  With the swirls of cursive; I married young but I married unprepared, I battled with feelings of “less than” reinforced by being in an abusive marriage and struggling with fertility.  Ten years later I was blessed with two beautiful children but a marriage that  was coming to an end.

Suddenly I was a single mom.  Survival mode switched on for me by working 65-hour work weeks, numbing the feeling of being overwhelmed by responsibilities and suppressing the pain of being away from my children.

I didn’t know how or what to change, but I knew it couldn’t stay the same.

That's when my journey of regaining power began.  I started rediscovering myself, acquainting myself with the adult me.  I chose to walk away from the frailty of loneliness and the numbing of staying within my comfort zone.

​I received my Co-Active Coaching and Leadership training through CTI and am a CPCC, Co-Active ICF certified coach.  I have been working in the nonprofit sector for over 10 yrs, passionately advocating for confident marriages. Pieces of Purpose, LLC was founded in  2017.  I help people be fully available  to life and free to love fearlessly so they can create transformation for themselves and others.   

Working with me requires transparency, a willingness to move - not only forward, but outside your comfort zone - and dedication to doing the work it takes during and between sessions to develop and identify your unique powers that not only make an impact on you, but our world too!

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