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Sohaira Sultan

My name is Sohaira Sultan and I am a Mindfulness and Purpose Coach for Individuals and Couples.  My work is about realigning within and with others.  Each of us gets to deal with our past wounds and limitations (be it skin, body, societal expectations, etc.) so that we can learn to find the gift in these places, to live authentically and in the present. Being present means becoming fully available to the moment and free to love fearlessly so we can create transformation within ourselves and connection with others.   


I’ve spent over 15 years working in the non-profit sector, passionately advocating for confident marriages.  I received my Co-Active Coaching and Leadership training through CTI, Coach Training Institute, and am a ICF CPCC - Co-Active Professional Certified Coach, MCC master coach. Pieces of Purpose Coaching, LLC was founded in 2017.  


So, what led me to this work?

I had always held strong family values.  Had always dreamt of a large family.  Had my parent’s beautiful relationship modeled in front of me.  However, the thing was, my fate wasn’t written out in block letters.  With the swirls of cursive; I married young but I married unprepared, I battled with feelings of “less than” reinforced by being in an abusive marriage and struggling with fertility.  After, what I can now describe as throwing my fists in the air for ten years; not knowing how to improve the relationship, blaming and loosing myself, the marriage ended. 


This mindfulness and purpose coaching is my passion because I’m advocating for connection, tranquility, love and mercy.  We were not created to live lonely, unheard and unavailable.


I know what survival looks like.  Whether it was while I was married for ten years or after.  Finally, one day  I chose to walk away from the frailty of loneliness and the numbing of staying in my comfort zone.  Since then I've taken a stand to thrive and  be available to not just stop and smell the roses but to touch the earth they grow from.

That's when my journey of regaining power began.  I started rediscovering myself, acquainting myself with the adult me.  Leaning into the truth that while fate is in the Divines' Hands, His Love and Grace has given me the power of choice.  I stopped waiting for the stars to align and started creating constellations of my own.  Started leaning into purpose and connection.  True love and trust.  


That’s what I know to be possible for each one of us. 


Education and Training:

BSc. Architecture, University of Virginia

M.Arch, Virginia Tech

CPCC, Coach Training Institute – International Coaching Federation

Leadership Certified – CTI

MCC, International


Languages spoken fluently:

English and Urdu

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