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Each professional coach has his/her own style of coaching. Here is how I coach:

Just Be Yourself

Show up and be open to the full experience. You don’t need to pretend or change anything. Just be yourself, be curious and open to trying new things. I need your best and I want the best for you.


You get to hold the Power of Choice and Integrity

I may make a direct request, like: “Will you do X this week?” You may accept the request, say no or change it to something else.


I am your Advocate and Accountability Partner

I tell you the truth – and all of it. My intention is to bring our coaching to a higher level where we don’t worry about “being like-able” and I would expect the same from you.


Be True to Yourself

As you start to transform during our sessions, I help you choose an action. It is important to follow on what you decide because you are building a self-image for you. If you do what you promise to yourself, you will take yourself more seriously later. Many times this decisions actually takes different forms when you do it and it is OK.  The most important thing is to move a step forward and then we’ll take it from there.


We Co-Create your Personalized Toolbox

Instead of depending on me, each time you learn to recognize and rely on your own strength. The more you develop as a person the more tools you will have in your self-help toolbox. I want to see you become more and more independent with each session.


Please know that you will always be the authority for what's right for you.

  1. Tell me your feedback so that you and I can learn and adjust.

  2. Give it time. 

  3. It is very important that you use what you find useful and let go of the rest. If something doesn’t work for you, play on and remain open. This is how you can get the most out of coaching, don’t let yourself get stuck in your own head.  Also always know that your boundry's will be respected and you get to chose what works for you.


1. Let's get started. Get in touch with me as soon as you can so that we schedule our Discovery Call. Bring your questions to this call and let's get to know each other better. Most calls are between 45 minutes to an hour. The purpose of the Discovery Call is to do a little bit of coaching, but mostly to discuss what to expect, therefore it may be shorter.

2. Read the important “Partnership” and send me an email if you have any questions or comments.

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